New Yorkers Hustle To Catch Banksy Street Art

Apparently if you are from New York you are doing very well according to a recent survey conducted by, which asked 2,000 users which region of North America had the most attractive accent, and New York ranked second. The southern drawl earned top nods with 36.5%, 45% males and 28% females preferring yall over the New York yo, that garnered 16.5%, 10% males and 23% females. What is it that makes the New York accent so appealing to members of the opposite sex? According to the popular dating network,, New Yorkers have a short, sharp directness that sometimes comes across as harsh, but that didnt stop it from landing second place as most attractive accent in North America. The New Yawk tawk is quite popular, especially amongst those women surveyed, possibly because it is so recognizable, which makes it a favorite with singles. Fuggedaboutit! Those of us born and bred in New York know all too well how cute our speech is. But, we also understand that among the regions of this big state are variations of the famous New Yawk talk, most notable New Joisey, who adopted its dialect from New York transplants, yet ranked 5% in the sexy accent survey. Long Island, or as we like to say, Lawngeh Eyelan, has a sweet twang associated with the likes of Theresa Caputo. Den dere is da Brooklynese, and if you didnt understand dat or that, it translates to then there is the Brooklynese, where people use turlets (toilets). Staten Island is a combination of all of the above, but only residents of the Big Apple can identify the dissimilarities. We also lay claim to the tuff-tawkin Puerto Rican/New York accent, along the lines of Rosie Perez. However, a new, most annoying derivative of the New York inflection has been growing amongst young urbanites, teens and college-aged individuals, the speech where they whine and elongate sentences and end statements in the form of a question?

New York accent voted second most attractive: How you doin?

Cyrus Blaze, 19, a student at Cooper Union, watched the whole process and took a video of it with his phone, which he posted on Instagram . He thinks the artists work is funny and smart, but other students arent so forgiving. A lot of people are pissed off because there are so many crowds of people coming around our school, acknowledging Banksy but not acknowledging our schools issues, he said. (Cooper Union has provided its students with full-tuition scholarships, but will be ending that policy next fall because of financial issues). Some students, including Blaze, think that the man in the confessional mural looks a bit like the embattled president of Cooper Union, Jamshed Bharucha . Then someone altered the image of the priest, adding a fuzzy white beard and Cooper Unions logo to his necklace, to make him look like the founder of Cooper Union, Peter Cooper, who was caricatured for his fuzzy white beard. People saw it an an opportunity to bring awareness to our school, Blaze said of the alterations, adding that Banksy might have been trying to make a point about Cooper Union in the first place. Much of Banksy’s New York work has been tagged or added to by other graffiti artists hoping to ride the artists’ fame. Some New Yorkers have tried to use Banksys work, which is free to see, to earn some extra dough. A group of men in East New York put a piece of cardboard over a Banksy mural of a stenciled beaver, and charged visitors $20 to see it, according to the New York Post. It is difficult to tell whether Banksys work in New York has some sort of message or not — like much of his work, its messages are tongue-in-cheek. A truck filled with squealing stuffed animals, titled “Sirens of the Lambs,” was unleashed on New York last Friday, and an audio guide on Banksys website says it is either about the “casual cruelty” of the meat industry or “something vague and pretentious” about the loss of childhood innocence.

GM Sandy Alderson: The New York Mets’ Future Is Now

“You can’t go into the season with three or four below average positions,” he said. “You can’t get by with multiple positions that way.” To upgrade those areas, Alderson will likely have to turn to free agency this winter, but he’s also not adverse to seeing what the open market might return for a player such as the Mets’ disappointing 26-year-old first baseman Ike Davis, who at one time showed much promise. Finally With Money to Spend Again, the Shorter Term Moves Into Focus Despite the obvious and numerous offensive holes to fill, Alderson believes New York has a good foundation on which to build. “The platform from my standpoint is not that bad,” he said. “We’ve got a decent place from which to start.” And with money finally coming off of the Mets’ books, they should be in a position to spend like they haven’t been able to in quite some time. Thus, even with Harvey set to miss the entire 2014 season, Alderson was optimistic that the winds of change will blow through Flushing sooner rather than later — and that for the first time in a long time, Mets fans can start thinking about their team contending next season instead of solely building something better for much further down the road. “I think we’re going to have enough [money] available to make significant improvements, no question about that,” Alderson said. “We’re going to have significantly improved resources. I suspect that we’ll have plenty to work with we’re going to be aggressive. … I think now we’re entering a new phase where the short term becomes somewhat more important than the long term, and that’s how we’re going to go at it.” To that, Francesa asked, “The future is now?” Although Alderson replied with a noticeable three-second pause of what seemed like a brief moment of non-committing reluctance, he ultimately confirmed the hopes of suffering Mets fans in a single word. “Yes,” he answered. Jonathan Wagner is a regular contributor for Yahoo Sports, covering the New York Knicks, New York Giants and New York Mets. You can also catch him as a Knicks beat writer for New York Sports Day and a co-host discussing a variety of sports topics on the New York Sports Geeks internet radio show. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanJWagner .