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Fremantle was established in 1829 as a port for the fledgling Swan River Colony and was the major city in Western Australia for much of its early history.

It was the first port of call in Australia for many migrants and visitors and today Fremantle sustains a rich mixture of cultures and nationalities.

Fremantle is Western Australia’s major commercial port and handles the majority of the State’s imports and exports.

The distinctive nature of a port city and the availability of warehouses made vacant by the modernisation of the port attracted artists and arts organisations seeking low cost accommodation.

Fremantle is a major tourist attraction for travellers from all parts of the world and attracts large numbers of residents and visitors on a daily basis. The city offers a unique blend of a lively multicultural yet relaxed lifestyle and is a 7 day city.

Fremantle has long been know as Perth’s other capital.

Within easy walking and cycling distance, visitors can experience contemporary circus, fine crafts, original music and theatre, exciting galleries, museums, bookshops and buskers. Along with maritime history and extensive architectural conservation, the Arts have become a central part of Fremantle life where visitors can discover the past and present.

Many Arts organisations are housed in historic buildings providing a contemporary use for some of the most spectacular reminders of an earlier history.

Fremantle provides a unique opportunity for the visitor to experience and enjoy a range of cultural activities in a relaxed atmosphere. A browse through the markets or leisurely stop at one of the numerous cafes and restaurants will complement your exploration of the arts, making a visit to Fremantle a rich and rewarding experience.

Welcome to Fremantle – It’s a place to remember.

Welcome to Fremantle Focus. It will show you that Fremantle truly is a place to remember.

The City of Fremantle, the local government authority for Fremantle, provides Fremantle Focus. Fremantle is a special place renowned for its easy yet vibrant lifestyle. The aim of Fremantle Focus is to provide you with an opportunity to explore our city of culture. Fremantle has long been known as Western Australia’s other capital. It is the largest metropolitan retail centre outside of Perth and attracts over 2 million visitors annually.