Does C-usa Get Its Final Liberty? For Sure?

Vanderzzzzzz …(Gosh, that bowl was so much better when the C-USA champ played the Mountain West champ, wasn’t it?) For the love of the few things that are holy in college football, please tell me there is no repeat. I didn’t get the straightest answer Friday afternoon out of Memphis. Ron Higgins, the bowl’s media liaison, assured me the bowl’s relationship with Conference USA would remain intact this season, but was unfamiliar with the 2011 scenario. He referred me to associated executive director Harold Graeter, who did not return my call. In Huntington, athletic director Mike Hamrick said, “I am under the impression that whoever is the champion of Conference USA will be playing in the Liberty Bowl. That’s my impression.” He’s seen crazier things happen, though. Marshall has to win me over, but the Herd is favored by some to win the league. Wouldn’t it be just that program’s luck to do so in the last year of C-USA’s “relationship” with Liberty Bowl, only to get jobbed? Next year, this won’t be an issue, as the New Bowl Order begins and the Liberty Bowl tells Conference USA to go pound sand. I guess C-USA will do so, in Boca Raton or the Bahamas. Herd fans can adapt, right? nn During Marshall’s off week, coach Doc Holliday talked about the trials and tribulations of recruiting today’s athletes. As you know, Holliday has specialized in recruiting south Florida, but the following statement applies anywhere in the country. “It’s hard to be a kid today,” he said last week. “You just look out there at what’s going on at these college campuses, I mean it just makes me sick – with the drugs and the alcohol, all the things that are going on that are just tearing this country apart.

Longtime USA leader Gordon Moulton dies at 73 (updated)

Its really a loss to the community because he has contributed so much. While in the state Legislature, Edington co-sponsored the bill which created the University of South Alabama in 1963. It had one building on that little campus because it was built to be a night school for the University of Alabama extension, Edington said. Not fit at all to be a university. But the university grew steadily, adding a medical school and its first PH.D program in the 1970s. Moulton was hired at the college as a business faculty member in 1966. He subsequently served as founding dean of the School of Computer and Information Sciences and vice president for services and planning. He was named president of the university in 1998. During Moultons tenure at USA the school more than quadrupled its academic scholarships and had built or enhanced facilities throughout the campus including a major library expansion, work on the Mitchell Center arena, expanding Meisler Hall student services and creating the Geri Moulton Childrens Park sculpture park, according to the universitys website. Dedication of sports facilities In 2003, the university dedicated the 16-acre Intramural Athletics Complex and Field House. I hate to just isolate it to football because he has done so much more for the University of South Alabama,” said Dr. Joel Erdmann, South Alabama director of athletics. The football program would not have occurred without president Moulton — that along with the marching band and all the other programs at South were enriched and made better under his leadership. Moulton also oversaw the creation and development of the Mitchell Cancer Institute.