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The most often-cited shot was the one during which Grace Kelly extends her hand into the audience as she reaches for a pair of scissors as she is being attacked. But it was also the way that the director used space to tell the storytaken from a stage play that occurs mostly in a one-bedroom apartmentthat adds to the suspense. How to Train Your Dragon(2010) DreamWorks Animation maintains a high standard for 3D and multiple DWA titles would be appropriate for a list such as this. But its Oscar-nominated How To Train Your Dragon is still considered to be the studios masterpiece in 3D circles. Among the favorite scenes is the one during which Hiccup and Toothless meet for the first time. Depth is used to increase feelings of vulnerability, fear, and conflicted emotions. PHOTOS: Where No One Can Hear You Scream: 18 Big-Screen Space Disasters Hugo(2011) Martin ScorsesesHugo helped to convince many that 3D can be used to tell a dramatic story and it was not just for action films. Among the signature 3D shots in one in which Sacha Baron Cohen’s station inspectorleans over Hugo in a threatening wayand he comes out of the screen and into the audience, invading our personal space and added to the discomfort. The Great Gatsby(2013) Baz Luhrmann’s bravura adaptation of this classic American novel contained layer upon layer of weather, landscape, people and party atmosphere to create a captivating world for his doomed romantic hero. But Luhrmann also explored new territory as he choreographed his actors and used meticulously planned close-ups to bring added emotion and drama to the performances. The Hobbit(2012) While reviews were mixed, Peter Jackson’s experimental use of high frame rates (at 48 frames per second) to make this film trilogy demonstrated how motion blur issues associated with stereoscopic camera movement could be eliminated. The entertainment technology community is continuing to explore how varying frame rates can impact storytellingand James Cameron has this in his plans for his Avatar sequels. PHOTOS: 25 of Fall’s Most Anticipated Movies: ‘Ender’s Game,’ ‘Catching Fire,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and More Life of Pi(2012) Ang Lee took a deliberately conservative approach, telling this story with little coming in front of the screen. It connected with audiences, and went on to becomes one of the years most admired films, winning Oscars for direction, cinematography, music and visual effects.

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Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. Join the Nation’s Conversation To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Wanna introduce a film on Turner Classic Movies? Whitney Matheson, USA TODAY 1:16 p.m. EDT October 2, 2013 A new contest will let a Turner Classic Movies fan co-host a film with Robert Osborne. (Photo: TCM) SHARE 29 CONNECT 13 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE If I watch a classic film on Turner Classic Movies, I make sure to catch Robert Osborne’s insightful introductions and postscripts. More often than not, he tells me something I didn’t know, and that even goes for movies I’ve seen dozens of times (like, say, The Graduate). This month, TCM is holding a contest that will let one lucky fan co-host a movie with Osborne. Over at the site for its ” Ultimate Fan Contest ,” you can submit a 90-second video of yourself introducing a classic film. Along with being featured on the air, the grand-prize winner will win a trip to the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, where he/she also will introduce a film. The contest just kicked off, so few submissions have been posted on the site. However, this clever sample sets the standard for what they’re looking for.

Who was that robo-mall cop thanking, anyway? Video: YouTube, bmoviereviews . 4. Troll 2 This 1990 horror-comedy B-movie is so hilariously bad, it has developed a cult following. This scene in particular is a classic, and needs no explanation as to why. Video: YouTube, Veovisjohn 5. The Gingerdead Man This is what happens when you bake the spirit of Gary Busey into a holiday treat. It’s also why we can’t have nice things. The 2005 movie is so bad, we couldn’t possibly pick one scene. Video: YouTube, GrackleBoxStudios 6. Nightmare on Elm Street We all have to start somewhere in our careers, and for Johnny Depp, it was in 1984, when he lost a battle with a bed. The old and clunky technology just makes this scene better/worse. Video: YouTube, TzTokFlame 7. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes The special effects in 1978 were just incredible.