Pilots Fall Asleep, Leave Uk Jet On Auto-pilot

Tesco’s Hudl Android Tablet Could See The Retailer Define The Winning Software In The UK

A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 5 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Pilots fall asleep, leave UK jet on auto-pilot Today in the Sky Nancy Trejos , USA TODAY 11:38 a.m. EDT September 26, 2013 A pilot rushes through O’Hare airport in Chicago. Two pilots fell asleep in the cockpit of an unidentified UK plane in August. Pilot fatigue has been a problem in the USA too. (Photo: BY ANNE RYAN) Daily Mail SHARE 239 CONNECT 68 TWEET 5 COMMENTEMAILMORE A packed commercial airplane heading to the United Kingdom was left on auto-pilot when both pilots fell asleep, according to British news reports. Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority revealed that the incident took place on August 13 on a 325-seat plane when the pilot and co-pilot agreed to take turns napping and switch to auto-pilot, the Daily Mail reports . One of them woke up after an unspecified amount of time to find that the other pilot had been asleep at the same time. The incident occurred on an Airbus A330 operated by a British-based airline. The CAA declined to identify the airline. The pilots had slept just five hours each over the previous two nights, the Daily Mail reports. They voluntarily reported the incident to the CAA and are not expected to face serious disciplinary action. Virgin Atlantic, which operates a fleet of 10 A330 planes, declined to comment to the Daily Mail on whether or not the incident involved one of its planes.

UK Man Builds His Very Own Street-Legal F1 Car

F1 Car

And unlike your standard F1 car, its made to be driven on the road, even over speed bumps. Not letting an opportunity go to waste, Bost has decided to build 17 more chassis for sale in the UK under the brand name Furore. Image Credit: BBC News @yahooautos on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook More on Yahoo! Autos The 9 Coolest Station Wagons of All Time Bill Wilson Some things just dont go together well. For example:Chicken livers and ice cream.Miley Cyrus and good taste.Congress and common sense.Station wagons and the word cool.Okay, the last one is debatable. Fact is, station wagons have a very real sense of coolness about them. Its just that not everyone sees it. Heres Classified of the Week: 1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR Jeff Perez This weeks Bold Ride classified is this gorgeous, $140K (negotiable) 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda. About This Car When the Plymouth Barracuda hit the market in 1964, it wasnt met with the same acclaim as cars like the Mustang, Corvette and even Camaro. But its limited production run of only ten years (64-74), now pits it Lexus RC F Gets Rendered Should It Look Like This? Jeff Perez RIP IS F; 2013 marks the final year of production for Lexus wacky yet wonderful V8-powered IS.

Tesco appears to have stayed very close to the regular Google UI of Android. Tucked away in the bottom status bar of the tablet is a small T in the Tesco font. This leads to Tescos Android suite of apps, covering five internet based Tesco services (Tesco Direct, Tesco Clubcard, Tesco Blinkbox, Tesco Clubcard TV, and Tesco Bank). All of these services, in some way, make money for Tesco, and I suspect this is part of the thinking behind the Hudl. Yes its nice to have your own tablet, and with so many retail locations in the UK Im expecting to see the Hudl in the list of Top Ten Tablets Under The Christmas Tree in 2013, but the key is recurring revenue. Just as developers are leveraging freemium models in apps, hardware manufacturers are ensuring their hardware continues to earn after they leave the store. This isnt a new idea, the referral fees from the search box being one obvious area many manufacturers could easily be exploiting, and the idea of bundling applications into computer hardware was one way many PC manufacturers helped their bottom line. Bundled apps have been used may times over to promote mobile hardware, so it makes perfect sense for Tesco to leverage the screen real estate of their tablet to promote their brands, especially if it will provide a net positive in ARPU, even though theres no physical contract with the consumer. It might even help bring the price down a touch. Tie together a price that is just about into impulse buying territory, prime retail locations, and the upcoming holidays, and Tesco is going to have a tablet that could have a significant impact on the UK consumer. Now imagine how much of an impact on a developer the bundling of an app on the Hudl could have. Arguably that could make the Hudl one of the most influential tablets in the UK market if Tesco open up the system to a handful of partner that they feel they could work with.