Patrick, Stenhouse Join Up For Country Music Video

(Martin Cohen) – Artist Pedrito Martinez. Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas Roberto Fonseca is quite literally stepping out of it. His new album, Yo , lunges in fantastic and unexpected directions while remaining rooted in Afro-Cuban musical traditions traditions the 38-year-old Havana pianist became highly fluent in during the years he spent performing alongside Buena Vista alums, including the late vocalist Ibrahim Ferrer. For me, playing with them was like going to the son montuno school, Fonseca said, referring to the percolating style that forms much of Cubas sonic DNA. I was trying to learn how to play and how to feel. Across Yo, Fonsecas touch ranges from lightning-lithe to thunderously heavy, often holding the musics melodic and percussive center at once. He comes out swinging with 80s, a thrilling album-starter that resembles Nigerian Afrobeat, with chattering rhythms and vintage jazz fusion in its oily electronic timbres. Dizzying and dazzling, it sounds like falling down the stairs and landing on your feet. To me, music doesnt have frontiers, doesnt have borders, Fonseca says over the phone from a tour stop in New Orleans, perhaps the only city in this hemisphere crammed with more musical magic per square foot than Havana. When people listen to my music, they feel good, even if theyre not from Cuba. Fonseca has helped push Afro-Cuban music further into the 21st century on other recordings, too his work with British dubstep pioneer Mala produced an intriguing 2012 album called Mala in Cuba . But, Fonseca said, his desire to move Cuban music ahead feels more personal, almost internal. It would have been easy to name myself the Buena Vista Social Club new generation, Fonseca said. But now its my career, and people are really accepting. We are starting from zero here, and Im feeling really good. My music is my life, and my life is my music. New from Pedrito Martinez New York percussionist and singer Pedrito Martinez seems to be following similar impulses on the excellent, eponymous debut album from the Pedrito Martinez Group, out Tuesday. The album grinds the band leaders original compositions up against tunes made famous by Led Zeppelin and the Jackson 5 all played with a zeal that should burnish Martinezs reputation as one of the most vital and charismatic Afro-Latin percussionists on the planet.

A personal journey on classical music

Patrick said she was not acting when she flirted with Stenhouse, whom she’s been dating for a while. “When I look at him I smile,” she said, “so that was not hard.” Patrick is certainly accustomed to mainstream spotlight. She’s graced numerous magazine covers and been involved in countless photo shoots, not to mention prominently displayed in the sometimes racy Super Bowl commercials for her sponsor, GoDaddy. The attention is a little more new to Stenhouse, a Sprint Cup rookie, which makes it a bit odd that he’s the one who has to deliver some lines in the video. Patrick never speaks. “When we got the call to do that I told her we had to. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that and you could tell it was a little nerve-racking,” Stenhouse said. “It seemed like everybody liked the video so far, so it was cool.” Patrick said the filming was completed just a few weeks ago. “It’s cool to see it out. It was a lot of fun to do. It was a beautiful day in Mooresville that day,” Patrick said.

Enescu, who died in 1955, was a Romanian composer, violinist and conductor who moved to Paris when the communists came to power. The festival always begins and ends with his compositions. Some of the tickets sold out in hours. Concerts were even offered as part of the itinerary for a classical music- themed cruise on the Danube that also included concerts in Salzburg and Budapest for a pricey 7,000 euros ($9,450). “I was struck by how prominent (the festival) is in Romanian cultural life,” said Noah Bendix Balgley, concertmaster of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, which played on Sept. 2 and 3. He called the “audience energy and response … incredible,” noting that the hall was standing-room only. Other orchestras in the festival’s lineup were the Orchestre de Paris, the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, The Munich Philharmonic, the Staatskapelle Berlin and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, which played Brahms and Enescu in a concert conducted by Vladimir Jurowsky. Romanian math teacher Elena Ungureanu went to eight concerts. “There was a very high standard of music and the soloists and orchestras were special,” she said. “There were lots of young people and many people were standing.

Bucharest’s Biggest-Ever Classical Music Festival

Tchaikovskys Pathetique We saw veteran culture writer Amadis Ma. Guerrero walking out of the venue. I caught up with him before he went down the elevated parkway of the CCP facade. Maestro Olivier Ochanine leading the PPO for Peter Illyich Tchaikovskys The Pathetique. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/ Orly Daquipil I asked him why hes going home already and not hear the second half of the show, featuring Peter Illyich Tchaikovskys Symphony number 6 in B Minor Pathetic Opus 74 (1893). The program notes told us it premiered on October 28, 1893 at St. Petersburg, about 120 years ago. Its depressing, I dont like that piece of Tchaikovsky, Amadis told me with a smile and bid me goodluck and goodbye. Considered the most loved and best known of all Russian composers, I was reminded of his most famous works like, of course, the perennial Christmas favorite performance piece of Ballet Philippines, The Nutcracker Suite. I thought I might give it a try. I read from the program notes how Tchaikovsky described The Pathetique in a letter to his long-time benefactor, Madame Von Meck how he poured his soul into the work. I often wept bitterly while composing it, I love it as I have never loved before any of my musical offspring, it is the best thing I have ever composed or shall ever compose, Tchaikovsky wrote. It began the adagio-allegro with the sound of a lone bassoon, setting the mood, followed by the viola section repeating the same cycle of notes. And suddenly I am in a war movie and its a winter scene after a battle, with dead soldiers and a lone wounded survivor is scampering for food among the ruins. Yes, its hauntingly depressing. Five minutes into it and I fall asleep, awakened once in a while by the sound of the drums and clashing cymbals.