New York Film Fest: Spike Jonze’s ‘her’ Closes 51st Edition On An Eccentric Note

Conrado Juarez, 52, early on Saturday confessed to sexually assaulting and then smothering the girl, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told a news conference. Police detained him at a Manhattan restaurant on Friday, more than 22 years after the girl’s death, he said. Juarez was arrested on the murder charge and was awaiting arraignment, according to New York electronic court records. The girl, dubbed “Baby Hope” by investigators, was never reported missing and was only recently identified. Kelly named her as 4-year-old Anjelica Castillo. Her bound, asphyxiated body was discovered stuffed underneath cans of soda inside a blue-and-white cooler alongside the Henry Hudson Highway in northern Manhattan in July of 1991. She had been starved and sexually abused, police said. New York police announced on Tuesday they had identified the girl’s mother after following through on a tip they received over the summer. Her identity was confirmed through DNA testing and she was cooperating with the investigation, they said. After the girl’s death, members of the police department paid for her funeral and many worked for years in hopes of identifying her or her killer. “Today, NYPD investigators are giving young Anjelica her due justice,” Kelly said. Kelly said that Juarez had told investigators that he ran into Castillo in a hallway when he went to an apartment in Astoria shared by seven of his relatives. “He said he sexually assaulted the child, then smothered her,” Kelly said of Juarez. “When she went motionless, he summoned his sister from another room.” His sister, who has since died, told him to dispose of the body and brought him a cooler, Kelly said. They took the cooler from the apartment and rode in a cab to Manhattan where they carried it through a wooded area and put it down, he said.

New York Comic Con 2013: The beauties and beasts

Yaya Han dressed as Madam Hydra.

our editor recommends New York Film Fest: Doc Contenders ‘Tim’s Vermeer,’ ‘The Square’ Screen Back-to-Back The film, which will be released by Warner Bros. on Dec. 18, stars Joaquin Phoenix as a man who rebounds from a divorce (from Rooney Mara) by dating his advanced operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). It was introduced by Jonze — who brought out Phoenix and costars Amy Adams, Mara and Olivia Wilde, but, appropriately enough, not Johansson (who is in production on another film in London). And when it ended, it was greeted with a lengthy ovation that audibly increased when the spotlight was shone on the talent in a box above the rest of the audience. As the spotlight faded out, Jonze (a best director Oscar nominee 14 years ago for Being John Malkovich) could be seen hugging Phoenix (a best actor Oscar nominee last year for The Master); both men clearly invested a lot of heart and soul into the project. FILM REVEW: Her At the film’s after-party, which was held at the trendy bar at the Top of the Standard Hotel, guests — including Paul Dano and Edward Norton, as well as Wilde’s fiance, SNL alum Jason Sudeikis — chatted about the thought-provoking concept at the center of the film. In the theater, there had been snickers at some aspects of the story, which asks audiences to believe that an operating system might one day be developed that can not only converse with its user but also love and be loved by him (sort of the 2.0 version of 2001: A Space Odyssey’s HAL). But there was also a sense that perhaps such a way of life is not that far into the future, since one can’t walk down a New York City block today without feeling like everyone else’s head is buried in their phones. Already, we live in a world in which we are more technologically connected with each other than ever before, but also less comfortable having real-world interactions with one another than we have been in a long time. Perhaps the logical next step is for some to take their relationships with their smartphones to the next level? In terms of awards, I imagine that this film will meet a fate somewhat similar to that of another recent out-there love story that depended upon a strange screenplay and brave and sensitive lead performance: Craig Gillespie’s Lars and the Real Girl (2007), in which a man falls in love with a blow-up doll that he bought online.

Joaquin Phoenix

Even Game of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn was impressed, and took time to sit on the throne between signing autographs. This event was surreal as it was, but sitting on a load of fans isnt what I expected to happen, the British actor told the News, but New York is full of surprises. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 25-year-old Jennifer Hashimoto dressed as Cat Women. At the ripe old age of 3, aspiring Wonder Woman Tesla Muchado is already a three-year veteran of New York Comic Con and was excited to pose for a photo with an adult, Helene Waldermarson, 26, dressed as her favorite superhero. Im Wonder Woman, said Tesla. I like all Wonder Womans! Bryan Pace for New York Daily News “Joker” 30 y/o Carlos Maya feeds his “Batman” son 6-month-old Isaac Maya. Richard Benitez, 21, South Ozone Park, decided he wanted to dress up as Aquaman five months ago in a golden chain-mail shirt that took him 50 hours to sew by hand. Ive lost 50 pounds specifically so I could look like Aquaman, he says. I was very, very committed. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 25-year-old Nicole Marino and 18-year-old Canielle Marion attend as Purple and Red Raven of the Teen Titans. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 24-year-old Adam Ash as Deadpool and 23-year-old Kristin Sivla as a nurse from Silent Hill. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 21-year-old Elisa Lovelie attends as “Lady Mechanika”. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 19-year-old Michaela Conti dresses as a character from anime show “Panty & Stocking”. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 24 y/o Amy Siriamonthep dressed as Harley Quinn. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 20-year-old Marisa Semioli as Black Cat. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 21-year-old Richard Benitez dresses as Aquaman.