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Here’s Why. This year’s superhero movies? They kind of suckwell, in comparison to last year’s kickass superhero movies. What gives? According to Slacktory , last year’s supherhero movies practically gave us a ten step guide on how to be awesome! You’d think the success would be easily replicated. Really, this year’s movies have no excuse. Speaking seriously though: yeah, despite liking some of the movies highlighted here a ton, they can be pretty formulaic if not silly sometimes. But, hey. Popcorn flicks and all that.

Last Year’s Superhero Movies Are Better Than This Year’s. Here’s Why.

add a comment HORROR AT MOA John Carpenter, who launched the slasher cycle with Halloween, is the ideal filmmaker to usher in the ghoulish month of October. Hes getting a welcome retrospective with a Tuesday-night series of classics, near-classics and not-really classics at the Mall of America multiplex. Oct. 1 its Escape From New York, with Kurt Russell as tougher-than-tough Snake Plissken, a dangerous convict assigned to rescue the President from a futuristic Manhattan that has become a lawless penal colony. Its great action filmmaking goosed with deliciously cynical political commentary. On the 8th the star and general idea are needlessly recycled in Escape from L.A., which directs its satire at easy targets like crazed surfers and plastic surgeons. They Live, a prescient sci-fi comic thriller showing Oct. 15, stars pro wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper as a construction worker who discovers sunglasses that strip away superficial appearances to reveal that societys rulers are alien cadavers. The brilliant remake The Thing is a paranoid masterpiece about an alien entity that kills, then takes over the identities, of researchers at a remote Antarctic outpost. The capper on the 29th is Prince of Madness, a flimsy exercise in modern-day mysticism concerning a Los Angeles church whose basement contains a diabolical power. Keep an eye peeled for a walking-dead cameo by Alice Cooper.

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Note: Filmmakers Mike Magidson and Marc Buriot will be at Friday night screenings at the Roxie . Metallica: Through the Never Heavy-metal masters Metallica go where they haven’t gone before in this Imax 3-D art-meets-performance film. The narrative element tracks the travails of a young roadie who goes on a quest for the music blasters as they wail away onstage. From director Nimrod Antal . Rated R. On the Job What a devious concept, sneaking prisoners out to assassinate people and then slipping them back behind bars. It’s no better on the other side of the thin blue line: Cops seem helpless, caught between doing their duty or obeying the bosses. Based on a true story. In Tagalog with subtitles. Rated R. Out in the Dark Palestinian student Nimr and Israeli lawyer Roy meet, click and tumble into a relationship.

Ten of the Saddest Movies Ever Made

IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THESE MOVIES YET AND DESPERATELY DON’T WANT THEM SPOILED BEFORE YOU SEE THEM, PLEASE COME BACK TO THIS ARTICLE AT A LATER TIME. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION. After a couple of traumatic experiences from when I was seven years old, I made it my mission to not watch movies that would make me cry. I didn’t want to embarrass my family any more than I already had since they had to carry me out of certain PG-rated movies while I wailed as though I had just gotten a tetanus shot at the doctor’s office. Plus, there was that big pressure from society that keeps telling us that men aren’t allowed to cry (whatever). Back then you couldnt show your weaknesses on the playground or anywhere else. Years later, however, I find that I don’t want to hide from such emotionally draining experiences anymore. In a world which constantly beats us down through repression and the grind of a daily routine, it is nice to feel some sort of emotion every once in a while. Movies that shake you emotionally do so for a good reason. Most people want to go to movies to be entertained and have a good laugh, and that’s fine. But seriously, what’s wrong with the occasional movie that ends up making you shed tears? The ten movies I have listed here have either left weeping an avalanche of tears, my nerves shattered, or they left me wanting to get seriously drunk after seeing them. They are listed here in no particular order and are equally melancholy in their own ways: Next