Merkel’s Back For Germany. What Does That Mean For Europe? (+video)

Merkel Seen Likely to Slowly Pull Coalition Left

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Somali jihadists recruit in U.S., Canada, Europe

Merkel won a stunning victory last night, almost capturing an absolute majority for the first time in over 50 years. She ultimately came just short of that feat, so her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) will have to forge a coalition, most likely with the Social Democrats (SPD), which trailed over 15 points behind. RECOMMENDED: Think you know Europe? Take our geography quiz. But her strong mandate is clear. Last night’s results put Merkel on course to surpass Margaret Thatcher as the longest-serving female elected leader of Europe. They also seal her position as the world’s most powerful woman, putting Europe’s destiny more squarely than ever in her hands. But Europeans expecting major changes from Germany post-election, even with a government that turns leftward with a possible SPD coalition, are most likely going to be disappointed, say European analysts. A coalition could take months to build, delaying any forthcoming changes. And ultimately Merkel won such a clear mandate because Germans like her slow and hesitant approach on Europe. Ulrike Guerot, the German representative for the European Council on Foreign Relations, says there is a mismatch of expectations between what Europe seeks from Germany and Germany’s ability to follow through. Europeans, who historically wanted Germany restrained, now expect it to play a leading role in forging a more functional Europe. Germans, however, prefer to lead by example, rather than dictate, says Ms. Guerot. Germany’s influence on the system has grown, and this is a new situation for both sides. Status quo The CDU won 41.5 percent of votes, making it their strongest outcome since 1990 and exceeding pre-election expectations. They trounced the SPD, who garnered only 25.7 percent of votes.

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