Hollywood Nation: Swear-free Stand-up Coming To Big Screen

PHOTO: Aimee, Kelly and Jack Osbourne

But, the aspiring singer and actress has no regrets. “I’m not some weirdo depressed daughter that’s afraid of the world and locks herself in her room all day. I just didn’t choose to do the show,” she once told MTV. “I want to be a singer, and I felt if I’d stayed with the Osbournes and done the whole thing I would have been typecast right away. [Mum] was hurt and we definitely had a tough time with disagreements. I’m more reserved and my private life is very important.” Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images Charlie Murphy Eddie Murphy isn’t the only funny one in his family. His older brother Charlie Murphy, 54, is also a comedian and actor, best known as a cast member on “Chappelle’s Show.” He collaborated with his famous brother on the screenplays for “Norbit” and “Vampire in Brooklyn” and starred alongside him in “Harlem Nights.” Today, Charlie, who shares more than a passing resemblance to Eddie, 52, still appears on television and in comedy clubs. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Elizabeth Olsen No, Olsens are really triplets. But Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of the famous Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, is quickly making a name for herself. Now 24, the New York University graduate exploded onto the big screen with her 2011 debut “Martha Marcy May Marlene.” She has since starred in “Silent House” and “Liberal Arts” and is starring in four films this year. Don Arnold/Getty Images | Sonia Recchia/Getty Images Antonia Kidman Nicole Kidman’s look-alike younger sister Antonia Kidman is no stranger to the screen. While Nicole is an Oscar-winning actress on the big screen, Antonia is a well-known TV presenter and newscaster in their native Australia.

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Hollywood’s New Favorite Cars Are Armored and Electrified

Smith was spotted in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District parking a $450,000 Gurkha F5 armored truck — the same brute driven by Dwayne Johnson in Fast Five. Mercedes, BMW and Bentley quietly manufacture armored versions of their cars. The BMW 7 Series High Security can withstand armor-piercing bullets and is outfitted with run-flat tires and a sealed ventilation system in case of attack by chemical weapons. STORY:James Bond Submarine Car Sells for Nearly $1 Million The cars aren’t sold in the U.S., leaving plenty of business for companies like Texas Armoring Corp. in San Antonio, which has custom-built bulletproof rides for Steven Seagal and rap star T.I. and for a referral-only L.A. company co-owned by America’s Got Talent judge Melanie Brown and husband Stephen Belafonte that rents armored cars. Texas Armoring strips a vehicle to the frame and installs countermeasures like electrified door handles that deliver nonlethal shocks to carjackers and overzealous paparazzi. The finished cars take two to three months to convert at a cost of as much as $100,000 and are virtually indistinguishable from unarmored vehicles. Texas Armoring executive vp Jason Forston says the company has seen demand in the U.S. soar the past five years. “A large part of it is celebrities, pro athletes and rock stars,” Forston says. “You even have a lot of Hollywood executives, studio heads, people not in the spotlight.” Forston credits the “climate of fear right now — the growing gap between the haves and the have-nots” — for the surge in sales. IMS Security’s Cohen is not quite convinced of the need for driving an armored Range Rover to dinner at Soho House: “I’ve been in the risk-management business for 10 years, and I can tell you statistically, with the exception of a few cases, I don’t think there’s a need for it. In my opinion, it’s overkill.” On the other hand, says Robert Siciliano, a New York-based security expert: “A bullet costs about 25 cents.