Children’s Book By Robbie Robertson Introduces Kids To Music Giants

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Featuring a slot for the iPhone, the INSTRUMENT 1 looks like a cross between a banjo and a violin and has a built-in plectrum. In addition to diversifying musical range, Butera has also simplified the instruments ergonomics. The latest iteration of INSTRUMENT 1 can be used in multiple positions, including legs and shoulders. The thought process is mobility. Based on conversations with musicians in Nashville, Butera says the instrument is ideal for touring musicians because it encompasses a broad style of techniques and instruments. In that sense, INSTRUMENT 1 liberates sound from technique. It is similar to keyboards in that it combines the expertise of dilettante with the craftsmanship of an artiste. Segmenting Consumers And Raising Funds The dilettante and artiste are fundamentally different, however. Butera realizes this and has produced two versions of the same instrument, one aimed at professionals while the other is aimed at lay consumers. While they are fairly similar in their musical capabilities, the two versions of INSTRUMENT 1 are priced at different ranges. The higher-end version of Instrument, which is made from heirloom wood, is being considered for a price range that is around $799 and the average consumer version will, possibly, retail for $399. Those price points reflect general trends within the music industry. According to a report by the National Association of Music Merchants, sales of musical instruments is picking up post-recession.

All of this is very smooth. Every time you watch a new video, it feels like discovering a brand new personal experience that someone wanted to share with you. You can like, share and buy the track on the iTunes Store. For now, Mindie doesnt create another social graph. When you first create your account, you automatically follow all your Facebook and Twitter friends that already use the app. Creating a video is very easy. First, you search for the track that you want to select. Mindie uses the iTunes Store API to pull song previews. Then you shoot your video like in Vine or Instagram. Finally, you can add a caption and share it on Twitter or Facebook. When asked whether Mindie was a video-sharing app or a music discovery app, Henrions answer was straightforward: Mindie is a music app. In the App Store, we are in the music category. According to him, Vine is becoming an app to share comedy bits and is very different from Mindie. It is no longer the app to capture personal and fleeting moments. Thats why the company doesnt even see Vine as a competitor.

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But unless you’re a serious music nerd, Rdio is the most usable option. For vast amount of music fans, Rdio has the best design and functionality, making it CNNMoney’s Best In Tech for the streaming music category. If you’ve never used a streaming music subscription service like Rdio or Spotify , understand that it’s not Pandora ( P ). You don’t pick a song or artist and then let the service build a randomly-generated playlist for you. Instead, for $10 a month, you have unfettered access to an online jukebox with tens of millions of songs. What really separates Rdio from the competition is its social backbone. You can follow friends, strangers, musicians, businesses, etc. and get a sense of what they’re listening to. Rdio will also recommend songs and artists for you to check out based on your friends’ interests. That may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re not quite sure what to listen to, this feature is one of the best in helping you figure it out. Another standout Rdio feature is the ability to build an online library full of “your” tracks. With rival services, having your favorite music in front of you means scrolling through hundreds of playlists in the sidebar of the app. It’s less than ideal. Rdio instead presents your collection as a highly visual array of album thumbnails that can be sorted in a variety of manners. But functionality aside, Rdio is just laid out and presented across all platforms (desktop, phone and Web) in manner that’s visually cleaner and easier to process than its competitors.

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According to the book’s introduction by Robertson, the project began when his son was working part time at a childrens recreation and learning center, and noticed that they didnt respond to the average, pandering childrens music near as much as they did to really good songs performed by great artists. So the quartet of lifelong music aficionados began to work together to create a book that could introduce and inform kids about artists whose music has shaped the world around them. The list of those included stretches back as far as jazz innovator Louis Armstrong and journeys from jazz (Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald) to Great American Songbook pop (Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole), primal rock (Presley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard) to R&B and soul (Ray Charles, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield) to country (Williams, Johnny Cash , Patsy Cline) to classic rock (Dylan, Carole King) and reggae (Bob Marley). PHOTOS: Unexpected musical collaborations The connective thread, beyond the essential quality of the chosen recordings, was focusing on music created by those Robertson refers to as the original risk takers, extremely unique, and tremendously influential to future generations. The 128-page books descriptions of the artists, while short and to the point, is colorfully revealing. Ray Charles, for instance, redefined rhythm and blues with his personal brand of high-energy ultra-groove, a comment complemented by a quote from Frank Sinatra saying Ray Charles is the only real genius in the business. Of Joni Mitchell, whom Robertson famously backed on her recording of Raised on Robbery, the book states, Rather than focusing on political and social issues like traditional folk artists such as Woody Guthrie, Joni wanted to tell stories that spoke to personal, human truths and her songs revealed quite a bit about her life. Her romances, her neighbors, and the daughter she had to give up for adoption all found their way into her songs. The tracks selected for each artist, not surprisingly, are kid-friendly choices including the Beatles Here Comes the Sun, Cashs Get Rhythm, Mitchells The Circle Game, Billie Holidays Lets Call the Whole Thing Off and Marleys Rebel Music. The illustrations were created by 15 different artists. All four authors will appear at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the Barnes & Noble store at the Grove, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles. Robertson also will be a guest on Tavis Smiley’s show Wednesday, Oct. 16. Update at 12:05 p.m. Oct.