Charities Decry Food Aid Cuts Pushed By House Republicans

The group wrote that it relied on reports and public comments from Republicans describing the measure. The bills text hasnt been released. The increased demand on already-strained local services and charities would be substantial – either displacing support for other needy residents, such as seniors and low-income working families, or leaving those cut off without sufficient food, the group wrote in its report. The cuts in the food stamp bill are expected to be roughly double what House lawmakers considered earlier this year. House Republicans sought to cut $20.5 billion over 10 years from nutrition programs including food stamps in H.R. 1947. That bill was defeated in part because Democrats balked at food-stamp work requirements and in part because some Republicans said the food-cuts were too small. Bigger Cuts Under a deal reached among Republicans last month, the new legislation is being written with $40 billion in cuts, according to Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas , an Oklahoma Republican. Those proposed cuts are about 10 times greater than the $4 billion in reductions in a Senate-passed bill, S. 954. House Republican leaders will have to depend on their own party members to pass the bill as Democratic leaders say their rank-and-file will oppose it. There are too many that through no fault of their own depend on these programs to feed their families, West Virginia Democratic Representative Nick Rahall said in an interview. Its numbness, without any feeling of pain. They go and chop out these programs for people who are feeling a great deal of pain. As part of a national lobbying campaign, advocates from New York City boarded buses yesterday to travel to Washington to talk to lawmakers ahead of the vote.