Book Review: ‘250 Great Movies For Latter-day Families’ Provides Values-based Guide For Viewing

And here’s the biggest thing for people like deGrasse Tyson to keep in mind: it’s science fiction, for God’s sake! You would think the “fiction” part of “science fiction” is something that an astrophysicist could comprehend. And then there’s “The Butler,” the Lee Daniels film about a man who served for decades as a butler for various presidents at the White house. This film was attacked by the left and the right for being historically inaccurate. Some have cited errors with the film’s account of specific instances of the civil rights movement while others expressed outrage over the way President Ronald Reagan was depicted — apparently some view Reagan as a deity. Here’s a spoiler alert (and by “spoiler alert,” I mean a spoiler to people who have never googled or read anything about the film): It was fiction — that means it was made up. There was no “Cecil Gaines,” the butler character played by Forest Whitaker in the film. The film does not even purport to be a bio pic. Sure, it was loosely inspired by the life of Eugene Allen, a man who served as a butler in the White House for 34 years for eight presidents, but the film was a fictionalized account . And we saw similar obsessive fact-checking last year with movies such as “Argo” and “Lincoln.” I guess we should be thankful that Twitter wasn’t around when “Forrest Gump” was released because people would have gone crazy with tweets over that one. Can we agree on something?

Many of the most-pirated movies aren’t available for legitimate online purchase

MDT Updated: 3 hours ago “250 Great Movies for Latter-day Families” is a useful, family-friendly movie guide by Jonathan Decker. Cedar Fort, Cedar Fort Publishing and Media Enlarge photo Summary Searching for a good movie for the family is not only a matter of finding movies that are clean, but also movies are uplifting and Jonathan Decker helps to do that in “250 Great Movies for Latter-day Families.” More Coverage ” 250 GREAT MOVIES FOR LATTER-DAY FAMILIES ,” by Jonathan Decker , Cedar Fort , $12.99, 256 pages (nf) Drawing on his love of the gospel and his love of film, movie critic Jonathan Decker has created a useful, family-friendly movie guide in ” 250 Great Movies for Latter-day Families. ” Its a one-stop resource of 250 timeless films, including current films, memorable classics and some worthy films that may have been missed over the years. Although Decker considers artistry and content when recommending films, he says hes more interested in finding movies which draw us nearer to the Lord. To that end, this user-friendly guide lists films alphabetically, by title, with the parental guidance rating, the year it came out, an overview of the story, a grade, a content overview and messages to discuss, including scripture references. Additional indexes are included to enable searching for films by genre, rating, gospel topic (such as repentance), scripture, hymn or general authority cited. Despite having selected movies he feels are appropriate for Mormon families, Decker still includes content overviews which may contain warnings of anything that may be considered graphic, such as the bloody and infected leg wound shown in the film ” Treasure in Heaven: The John Tanner Story.” Decker, an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in St. George. He also co-hosts the ” The KJZZ Movie Show ” on KJZZ-TV and is a columnist for Meridian Magazine . He posts Hollywood film reviews from a Latter-day Saint perspective at . ” 250 Great Movies for Latter-day Families ” appears to be a useful guide for finding values-based movies.

Stop fact-checking the movies

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Only three of the top 10 films, The Lone Ranger, After Earth, and This is the End, were available for online rental. For example, several services offer After Earth for $4.99. And just six of the top 10 movies (Pacific Rim, The Internship, The Lone Ranger, Monsters university, After Earth, and This Is the End) were available for online purchase. Monsters University, for example, can be purchased from iTunes or the Google Play store for $19.99. The only way to get the other four movies online was through illegal downloading. Last week’s results were not an anomaly. The PiracyData team has been collecting data for three weeks, and during that period, not a single highly pirated film has been available to stream. And many highly-pirated movies have not been available for rental or download. was created by two tech policy researchers at the Mercatus Center, a libertarian think tank, and by Matt Sherman, a software engineer based in New York. The team’s leader, Jerry Brito, says he got the idea for the site after a hearing in which major content holders criticized Google for failing to do enough to combat piracy. That criticism came despite the fact that Google has taken a number of steps to prevent illegal sharing of copyrighted works.

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