7 Music Discovery Tools To Find New Tunes

Organized in tiles at the top your dashboard, the recommendation section takes what you have been listening to (your Last.fm “scrobbles”) and offers suggestions based on that data while noting which artists you like that are similar. The expanded recommendations page offers even more options to sort through, such as tags, related artists, new releases and some free downloads. You can better the odds of a helpful recommendation by removing artists in which you know you’re not interested. Plus, Last.fm makes it even easier for you: Listen to its radio station based on your recommendations. Of course, Last.fm’s social features are still rife with discovery possibilities. Find your friends to see what they’re scrobbling now (feel free to make fun of them if you catch them listening to something that ruins their credibility), check out gigs happening in your area and invite your friends. 5. Hype Machine Despite its name, Hype Machine circumvents the so-called hype machine of the major music press to bring you what’s being shared across all music sites right now. In the span of a few songs, you could find a crazy EDM remix next to a folksy ballad, DIY punk single and a glitchy electronic track. It’s those remixes that thrive on Hype Machine some users may not exactly create them with artist permission and are instead mixed by amateur DJs. As a result, they might not receive the attention they’d deserve on a standard music website. Hype Machine offers “Remixes Only” and “No Remixes” filters on its Popular page. Like most websites, Hype Machine offers easy social sharing options to build the hype on your favorite song. 6. The Vinyl District There’s no better place to find new music than in a record store.

‘The Diving Board,’ music review

Residents’ reactions range from annoyed to amused. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” says one. “I can’t wait to see what they find down there,” says another. Behind it all is 51-year-old Leon Giesen, a Dutch filmmaker and musician with a tantalizing theory. He is convinced that Nazi treasure is languishing below Mittenwald’s roads — gold or diamonds, at the very least. The whole idea of Nazi gold has long held a grip on the public imagination, and as a former Nazi stronghold, Bavaria provides fertile soil for many an aspiring Indiana Jones. In 1944, with the Allies and the Soviet Army threatening to advance, it was here that Heinrich Himmler, one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, planned to build an Alpine Fortress — a national redoubt where Nazi Germany would fight from until the end. And that’s not all. In April 1945, the Wehrmacht armed forces and officials of the Reichsbank approved a plan to store at least part of the reserves of the German Reichsbank at Einsiedl, a small town on the southwest shore of Lake Walchen. Much of these assets were handed over to the Allies, but around 100 gold bars, sacks of dollars and Swiss francs and possibly even more hoards went missing. ‘Like a Treasure Map’ Even though Giesen’s theory is an outlandish one by any standards, it has generated reams of publicity in his native Netherlands. It revolves around an annotated score of the “March Impromptu” by composer Gottfried Federlein. Legend has it that in the final days of World War II, Adolf Hitler’s private secretary Martin Bormann scribbled letters, figures and runes on the score that form a code giving the coordinates of the hidden Nazi treasure. Supposedly, a military chaplain was tasked with taking the score to someone in Munich.

Secret Code: Music Score May Lead to Nazi Gold

For The Diving Board, Elton concentrated on his essential instrument the piano to the near exclusion of every other sound. Extra players appear, but theyre largely held to the margins. To achieve this, Elton sidelined his longstanding band and hired, as his producer, the king of rustic chic, T-Bone Burnett. The same dial-twister oversaw Eltons last work, the striking and affectionate tandem CD with Leon Russell, The Union. While youd expect Burnett to nudge Elton in a Tumbleweed Connection direction toward his Americana sound of 1970 these pieces have a semi-classical feel. Elton John’s new ‘The Diving Board’ Some take influence from etudes, drawing from their sophistication and elegance. Three brief instrumentals, each titled Dream, ape for the form most closely. All this isnt to say The Diving Board shuns pop. Elton retained his melodic terseness and his feel for the hook. In their sparseness, the songs can recall Eltons earliest work, but fans shouldnt get their hopes too high on that score. The new pieces have a greater elaboration that can sound belabored. Eltons voice proves a stronger limitation. Over the decades he has dropped several octaves and lost a lot of elasticity.

First look: Second-generation Surface tablets and Surface Music Cover

Backlights dont seem like a big deal, but that misunderstanding disappears the first time you take your tablet or laptop into a crowded conference rom or lecture hall and the lights dim. I brought my old Surface Pro along, both for the plane ride to New York as well as to the event itself for a direct comparison. Personally, the Type Cover feels like a small step backnot huge, but noticeable. And while I still dont like the the Touch Cover, well, it felt slightly more usable than I remember it. (And no, I dont know if the older Touch Covers can be used with the new model.) Striding boldly forward The new Surface 2 docking station, due next year. Microsoft didnt have the Docking Station (right, and at top) or the Power Cover set up to use, leaving me with the impression that the company is still finalizing the design. I suspectwell, hopethat Microsofts on to something here, though. If Microsoft plays its cards right, the Docking Station could transform the Surface into the engine powering something like a desktop, while the Power Cover could add the stability to make the Surface a true convertible tablet or two-in-one. (In a nice touch, Microsoft employees told me that the Power Cover charges the Surfaces internal battery, so that you can grab it and go if need be.) Quite frankly, Panos Panay, the Microsoft executive in charge of the Surface launch, oversold it a bit. Seriously: lapability? What does that mean, exactly? If it means the ability to work with the Surface in a lap maaaayybee.Neither the Touch nor Type Cover nor the dual kickstand gives me the feeling of working with a notebook in my lap. Im hoping a more rigid Battery Cover changes that impression. Surface Remix Honestly, I didnt really play with the Surface Remix project that Microsoft had on hand, both because of a lack of time and without knowing if it would be a finished product. If youre an audiophile or DJ, however, its worth checking out.